Give your space a descriptive title

All space listing titles on Space & Rock are descriptive.  They can’t include the name of your space or the exact location.  They must only use a maximum of 8 words. Titles should really sell what’s great about your space for a wedding.


Romantic cliff top castle with panoramic sea views = Accepted

Lancelot Castle, a romantic castle by the sea = Not accepted – name used

Romantic Cliff top castle on Castle Road, Padstow = Not accepted – exact location used

Describe your space

Make your description as clear as possible and remember to direct it at couples looking for a wedding venue.  If you offer other services such as camping, food/drink, accommodation, these may well appeal to couples but in a secondary capacity.

Remember to mention all features a couple might be interested in.  Are there any special locations where they could hold a ceremony, either civil licensed or with a celebrant (non-legal ceremony)?  Are there any great places for photos or a drinks reception?  Is there accommodation and if so describe it.  Is the location easily accessible or secluded and tucked away? If you have a building, is there anything interesting about it – was it once a Victorian cotton mill where you can still see evidence of it’s industrial past, or a 300 year old country house lovingly restored and packed with original features?

You have 500 words, and the more detail you include, the more a couple is likely to enquire.


Images are the single most important thing you can include to sell your listing.

Use good quality images that really show off your space.  Couples want to be able to visualize how the space will work for them, so any images that include how a ceremony or meal set up would look in the space will help.  If you haven’t got images of these areas in action, still include good quality images of the perfect ceremony or reception space, but empty.  If you have space for a marquee/tipi, show off this space, ideally with a marquee/tipi on it looking beautiful.

Make sure all images are aimed at couples looking for a wedding venue.  If you offer another business in the space such as camping or a restaurant or luxury self catering accommodation, it’s absolutely fine to include a few images that show this off, however, 95% of images should focus on what the couple will be most interested in – using the space for a wedding.

Image size – Banner/profile images should be approx. 1950pix wide.  All other images should be between 750pix – 1000pix wide. Large images over 2000pix will be slow to upload and when a couple view your listing, the images will not load immediately for them.

Host Name

This is your chance to introduce yourself.  We prefer hosts to be a person not a business as our couples prefer the personal touch.

Describe the host

Include a little bit of information about yourself that will reassure a couple and will make them feel comfortable getting in touch with you.  Approachable, friendly, and keen to chat about their wedding is key. Any wedding/event experience you may have, let them know as this is always reassuring.

Host Image 

It’s always reassuring to know what the person who will be dealing with your enquiry looks like.  Hosts with friendly photos of themselves are more approachable and more likely to get an enquiry.

Reviews of your space

Good, honest reviews are a great way to boost the interest in your listing. These are a huge selling point so make sure you include reviews with plenty of details, rather than ‘great space, we had best day ever!’

Make sure you include the couples name, even if it’s just Mr and Mrs Doe, the time of year when they got married and even the size of wedding.  It’s good for  couples to see details of your experience via past weddings. For example if you’ve managed to successfully host Mr and Mrs Green’s tipi wedding in your cliff top coastal location in late October for 150 people, 50 people in June should be simple!