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Why list your space with us?

Hidden Gem Spaces
We don’t list established wedding venues unless they offer something truly unique. This means we’re the go-to platform for couples seeking those hidden gem spaces.
Get your space found
Listing with Space & Rock immediately puts your space in front of your target market. We’ll make sure your space is seen by couples searching for a wedding venue just like yours.
Personal service
With Space & Rock, you get a personal service. We live and breathe the world of weddings, and we’re always on hand to chat about your space and the service you provide.
All Spaces Considered
Whatever space you have to offer, large or small, get in touch and we'll consider it. Hotels and spaces that are primarily a wedding venue, generally aren't for us unless you offer something really unique.
Flexible Pricing
Different spaces have different needs when it comes to attracting bookings. We offer a choice between FREE to list with a small commission on every booking you receive via us, or our fixed annual rate options.
You’re the boss
You are completely in control of the weddings at your space. You can choose how many guests may attend a wedding in your space, the dates for any bookings, the prices you charge and the number of weddings you’ll accept.

Our Flexible Pricing

Because we recognize that spaces have different requirements when it comes to listing with us, we offer flexible pricing.

Commission Based Listing

FREE to list with a small commission on every booking we secure you.  No minimum sign up period.

Fixed Price Listing

List with us from as little as £80 per year and let us promote your space!


For more detail on our pricing see our FAQ below.

What happens next?

How do you boost your income by hiring your space for wedding celebrations?  Follow these simple steps to success!

Create your listing
You determine the details, we’ll find you the bookings
Respond to your enquiries
All your enquiries will come direct to you via email
Get your space booked
Couples can book via your listing. Invoice them direct and get paid!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to make changes to my space to host weddings?

It depends on your space and the price point you want to achieve.  Find local wedding venues who are charging a similar price point and see how your space compares.

When it comes to renovations, it’s worth remembering that some couples are searching for a more rustic look.  It’s amazing what wedding and event suppliers can do to transform a blank canvas space, all it takes is an imaginative couple.  However, the space should always be clean and tidy, have well thought out access and meet health and safety standards.

If you’re thinking of hiring out land for weddings, we’ve got some helpful information and advice HERE.

What does it cost to list a Space?

We offer the choice between a commission based listing and fixed fee options. 

Everyone who signs up with us will receive the following as standard:

  • A detailed listing with venue bio, unlimited images, map, facilities check-list, and much more.
  • Enquiries and Bookings direct to your inbox
  • Access to our industry leading Wedding Experts
  • Membership to the Space & Rock Community which includes a monthly newsletter with the latest updates, offers, press and tips


Once you’ve created and submitted your listing, we’ll review it and ask which listing you’d like.  Choose from the following:


 Commission Based – FREE

New to weddings?  Not sure if Space & Rock is the right fit for your couples?  This is the option for you!

It’s FREE to list.  You won’t have to put your hand in your pocket simply to test the waters.  When we secure you a booking, there’s just a small 8% commission fee to pay.  There’s no minimum sign up period and no exit fees.

Due to the commission nature of these listings, spaces will remain anonymous.  Only descriptions of the space allowed.

Commission based listings won’t receive online promotion from S&R but we will put forward your space to our network of wedding planners and couples who’ve expressed interest in finding a space like yours.

Basic Space – £80 per year

Don’t fancy paying commission? Want S&R to promote your space but budgets are tight? This is the option for you!

For less than £7 per month (billed annually), as well as our detailed venue listing, you’ll enjoy a social media welcome when you sign up with us and a dedicated feature on our Journal getting to know more about you and your space. Where ever we mention your space, we’ll tag your S&R listing.

Your space will be put forward to our network of wedding planners and couples who’ve expressed interest in finding a space like yours.

Full Space – £140 per year

Want to take advantage of promotion from S&R throughout the year? This is the option for you!

For under £12 per month (billed annually), as well as our detailed venue listing, you’ll enjoy a social media welcome when you sign up with us, a dedicated feature on our Journal getting to know you and your space.  Plus we’ll promote your offers and events via our social media, and have the chance to submit real weddings/styled shoot for us to consider featuring on our widely read Journal. When we mention your space on our social media we will always tag your space, boosting your social media presence.

Your space will be put forward to our network of wedding planners and couples who’ve expressed interest in finding a space like yours.

What do you charge commission on?

If you opt for our free, commission based space listing, we base our 8% commission on your advertised hire fee. The advertised hire fee should be the price a couple HAVE to pay to secure your space for their wedding. This must be transparent so couples know exactly what they’d be expected to pay if they book your space.

The commission excludes any extras you may choose to offer the couple at a later date. For example, if you offer accommodation or coordination as an extra service, and you don’t require the couple to book these, then they would be excluded from the commission fee. However, if you offer mandatory additional services and accommodation, this should be included in your listed hire price and would therefore be included in the commission fee.

Can I be 'hands off' when holding a wedding in my space?

The thought of hosting weddings in your space may fill you with dread.  It’s a high-pressure event and couples will have lots of questions.  You may feel more comfortable handing over the reins to a freelance wedding coordinator to act on your behalf. They would be the point of contact for the weddings in your space.  They can handle all the enquiries, emails, phone calls from day one to post wedding, ensuring less admin hours for you.

Having a professional wedding coordinator on the wedding day to see in the suppliers, set up the ceremony and reception areas, coordinate the day’s timings, look after all guests and deal with any problems that arise, leaves you free to concentrate on representing the space or continue with other work.

Read More about how you could work with a freelance wedding coordinator HERE.

How do couples book?

Couples will first make an enquiry through your listing by selecting the ‘Send Enquiry’ button.  You will receive an email with details of their enquiry.

When a couple want to book your space, they use the ‘Book This Space’ button on your listing.  You will be sent an email notifying you that the couple have requested to book.  You invoice the couple direct to secure the booking.

If you are paying a commission fee, Space & Rock will invoice you 8% commission on the agreed hire fee.

If a couple fails to book using the ‘Book This Space’ button, Space & Rock will contact you and the couple direct to enquire whether a booking was made.  Failure to respond by one/both parties could result in your listing being permanently removed from the Space & Rock platform.

How will my space be marketed?

As a member of Space & Rock, you will benefit from our ongoing promotion of your fantastic space.  You can expect the following from us:

By being a part of our community, your space is instantly given a leg up because of the reputation Space & Rock has.  We invest to ensure we can easily be found on Google and other search engines.  We advertise with industry leading blogs and publications reaching a vast target audience.  We regularly attend industry events to discuss Space & Rock.  We invest in our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On a more personal note, all new spaces are regularly promoted via all our social media platforms not just when you join! If you send us great updates, we’ll shout about them.  We blog about all our spaces, either in general articles or individually.  Send us your submissions and we’ll include it. We’ll also consider your space for our promotional styled shoots, giving you some incredible images to use as you wish.

Do I need a Civil Wedding Licence?

No.  In fact most of our spaces won’t have licenses unless they offer something truly unique.  Any couple who has a wedding ceremony in your space can use a celebrant, but will need to do the legal bit elsewhere at approved premises.  This could be a registry office or church.

Learn more about Celebrants and how they can be used at your space HERE.

Do I need insurance?

You will have to take out Public Liability Insurance to at least £5,000,000 (million). Your current buildings/land insurer will be able to tell you if you need any additional cover for your property.

What about health and safety regulations, licensing and planning permissions?

It’s always best to speak to your local authority planning department if you’re considering having weddings on your property.  If you keep the number of weddings to under 28 days in total, you’re probably not going to have to apply for ‘Change Of Use’ planning.  However, depending on your circumstances you may need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).  Upward of 5 of these notices can be applied for each year and cost £21 per notice.

Before holding your first wedding, contact your local authority to talk everything through with them to get the most up to date advice and make sure you’ve got all the licenses you need.  

As the property owner, you will ultimately be responsible for people’s safety.  Although it may be common sense, take some time to become familiar with Health and Safety rules to make sure your space is safe for the public. More information can be found on the Health and Safety Executive site –

What can we expect from a couple planning their wedding?

Couples who are interested in your space will generally require a few hours of your time before they book.  It can be really lovely to build up a rapport with a couple who are getting married.  They’re excited and nervous, and sometimes all the family want to get involved!

It’s worth remembering that couples planning weddings have usually never planned a large event in their life.  They can be very over whelmed by the process and the expense.  They want the day to be perfect, obsess over the weather and the tiny details.  Being patient, friendly and approachable will go a long way with a stressed couple.

You will need to make time to respond to a couples emails within 48 hours.  You will also need to be on hand in the week before and during the wedding to handle enquires.  If however you feel unable to do this we recommend contracting in a freelance wedding coordinator. 

Learn more about working with couples who are planning a wedding HERE.

How do I price my space?

It’s the ultimate question!  The price you charge will be based upon three things, your space, the location and the facilities you offer. 

We recommend you find competing properties in your area, either through the Space & Rock platform or through a wider search of wedding venues.   Find the five that are the most like your space and do some extra research.  What are they charging, what’s their availability like, what extra touches do they offer, do they have different rates for different times of the week or year? Then figure out what it will cost you to host the wedding, from extra electricity and insurance, to staffing and post wedding clean up.  Then make sure the maths adds up.   

If you’re a new space, we recommend you undercut the market, and then once you’re established and have some fabulous reviews, you can increase your price to fall in line with those similar venues in your local area. 

Your pricing needs to be as transparent as possible.  When you list your price for couples to see, they will need to know exactly what they will get for their money.  They won’t want to find hidden fees for example.  The less hassle they have understanding your pricing, the more likely they’ll book. 

If you offer extra facilities that are not on our standard list, then please include these in the ‘About’ section of your listing. 

Varying the price dependent on time of year or week is perfectly acceptable.  We recommend pricing your venue with the highest price you’d charge.  Any off-peak or discounts you want to offer can be included in the pricing details of your listing. 

What should I include in my Space listing?

Your listing needs to be as clear as possible for couples to see exactly what they get if they hire your space.

Give your space a short catchy title that really sums up what’s great about it.

Great photos are key and we recommend at least 10 images that really show off all the different spaces you have available for hire.  We’ll also need a friendly image of the space owner/manager.  This really helps couples visualise who they’re dealing with and helps them relax about getting in touch. 

List all your facilities on offer. 

If you offer any discounted rates or special offers, these should be clearly listed in the Additional Information section.

List your house rules.  Include details like what time music has to stop, what time wedding guests need to have exited the space, what time the couple need to have ‘checked out’ of the space after their wedding, and whether you expect the space to be cleaned or just left tidy.  

Every listing submitted will be moderated, and where necessary, edited to ensure it meets our T&Cs.