Images are the single most important thing you can include to sell your listing.

Use good quality images that really show off your business.  Couples want to be able to visualize how what you offer will work for them, so if you are able to offer a variety of styles, show these.

Image size – Banner/profile images should be approx. 1950pix wide.  All other images should be between 750pix – 1000pix wide. Large images over 2000pix will be slow to upload and when a couple view your listing, the images will not load immediately for them.

Reviews of your space

Good, honest reviews are a great way to boost the interest in your listing. These are a huge selling point so make sure you include reviews with plenty of details, rather than ‘great florist, we had best day ever!’

Make sure you include the couples name, even if it’s just Mr and Mrs Doe, the time of year when they got married and even the size of wedding.  It’s good for couples to see details of your experience via past weddings. For example if you’ve managed to successfully cater for Mr and Mrs Green’s tipi wedding in your cliff top coastal location in late October for 150 people, 50 people in June should be simple!