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Pirrip is a design + print studio specialising in silkscreen printing, working with couples on bespoke wedding stationery.
We take pride in our design work: Nothing too fussy, just clear attractive design and appropriate, interesting illustration – you’re unlikely to find bows or hearts featuring on our stationery 😉. Instead, we like to tell stories or create a sense of place, and we know things have more authenticity if there’s a tale woven in, so we work with you to create something that\\\’s relevant to you and your celebration.
As printers we’re clean & neat, producing vibrant, professional work by hand with over 15 years experience.

“Dear Alex and Georgie, When we stumbled across your website back in the new year, little did we know just what a lucky find we had made… The invites and orders of service which you designed for us were amazing and a world apart from digital prints – you could really feel and see the care that had gone into them. So many of our guests remarked how beautiful the stationery was and they definitely set the tone for all that followed. You’ve been a delight to work with, from start to finish, and we would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for bespoke, beautifully designed stationery of the highest quality. Thank you again!”

Katie & Nick

“Back at the beginning of the year I was looking for wedding invites with a difference, because I HATE all the pastel-gold, bunting and hearts invites you find everywhere online. So I was thrilled when I cam across Pirrip Press. I love the 1950s quality feel of their designs, stunning colours and each invite is a work of art, because they’re all individually screen printed.
Working with Alex was super easy: she instinctively understood what I wanted and turn-around was super fast too. I was so impressed that they ended up making Order of Service folders for us too. Having worked in design for many years, I’m not easily impressed by graphic work, but the quality of the work was phenomenal. And we got so much positive feedback from our guests too. I can only recommend!”



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