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Luxury couture stationers, ER Stationery, are specialists in creating exquisite bespoke silk wedding and event stationery.

Based in the beautiful Cornish countryside, they work with clients to create exceptional, unique handcrafted stationery. All designs are specific to the client, in their chosen colours, needs and brief, made using only the finest materials available which have been sourced over a number of years using trusted suppliers.

Their team of highly skilled stationers looks after every detail, from the cutting of the card, sketching/painting of the venue, hot foiling text and images, to designing monograms and logos – thus, allowing the customer the complete control over the design of their masterpiece.

Their signature silk Dupioni invitation gift boxes & NEW Reveal collection offer a never ending choice of possibilities to their clients. Imagine the impact your invitations will make when they arrive in the post with a hidden layer containing the gift of your choice…. What would you pop inside your special invites that is personal to you or your family, perhaps something to reflect your personalities, dreams, lifestyle, passions, or hobbies….

ER Stationery is privileged to work with clients around the World delivering sophistication, elegance and excellence in each of their designs.


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