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Space & Rock Community – Resizing Images for Web

Images taking forever to upload? Are your images over 1MB in file size?  Then it’s essential you resize them for web use. Here’s our simple guide to show you how.


If you’re not a whiz with software like Photoshop, there are masses of free online photo editors which have many of the same features, and most importantly will let you easily resize your images into web-ready size files.

We recommend

Our 9 step guide uses the Pixlr free editor.

Before you start – make sure all the images you want to edit are saved on your computer.


The 9 Step Guide to resizing your images

Step 1   Follow the link to Pixlr Editor

Step 2   From the Home Page pop up menu choose ‘OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER’

Step 3   Select and open the file you wish to resize

Step 4   Using the Pixlr Editor menu at the top of your screen, select ‘IMAGE’ – a drop down menu will appear.  Select ‘Image Size’ from the drop down menu

Step 5   You will be able to amend the height and/or the width.  Choose the larger side to re-size as the smaller will automatically change as long as the ‘Constrain Proportions’ tick box remains ticked (eg. If height is 4000 pixels and width is 2667 pixels, amend the height). 

Step 6   Reduce the number of pixels (it’s best to type directly into the box, ensuring you delete the existing number first).  For web use we recommend the largest side be between 1000 and 1500 pixels.  For Space & Rock header images, 1500 pixels is recommended.  1000 pixels for all other images is acceptable and will reduce upload time.

Step 7   Once happy, select OK.  Your image will be reduced in size.  If you wish to revert back to the original size select ‘Edit’ in the main Pixlr menu and ‘Undo’ from the drop down menu.  

Step 8   You will now need to save the image.  From the main menu select ‘FILE’ and ‘Save’. Give your image a name you’re happy with and select ‘OK’. You will then be asked to save the file to your computer.  You may wish to put all resized images in a separate folder to where you hold the originals to avoid confusion.  Or re-name them with ‘WEB READY’ in the title.

Step 9   Your image is now reduced in size and saved on your computer, ready to be uploaded to Space & Rock.

Notes: To resize further images, select ‘FILE’ in the Pixlr Editor menu and ‘Open Image’ from the drop down menu.  Repeat the process from Step 3.


Article written by The Space & Rock Team.  Cover Image thanks to Enchanted Brides Photography

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