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Space & Rock on Channel 4 – The story of our Extreme Cake!

-Words by Gemma Rawlinson, Space & Rock Director

I first met Christine Jensen, one half of the husband and wife cake making duo that are Peboryon, in a rather unlikely place.  We were walking on a dark November night through the grounds of Pendennis Castle in Cornwall.  Struggling to see where we were going, we got chatting and she revealed she and her husband had just made the leap to go into business together.  He was a skilled architect and she, a cake maker.  She had this ‘crazy’ idea to create architecturally amazing cakes for weddings and events.  Four years on and the crazy idea has some what worked!  With over 300 commissions a year and a string of awards, these two have taken the cake making world by storm.

Working within the wedding industry in Cornwall, Christine and I found we regularly crossed paths.  So when I decided to commission a cake to form the centerpiece of the Space & Rock launch party, I was thrilled that she and Phil decided to take it on.

“But how can we represent what Space & Rock does in cake form?” I ask.  Christine, who’s imagination knows no limits, just told me to trust her.

Over a cup of tea in my kitchen, Christine sketches out the cake she has in mind for the party.  From a blank piece of paper emerges the most incredible traditional signpost, with each sign representing the types of locations Space & Rock offers. A signpost made of cake!! Amazing! ‘How tall will it be?’ I ask.  ‘Oh, probably about 9 foot’ replies Christine casually as if making a 9 foot cake is all in a days work!

Christine’s sketch of the cake

A week or so later we had the call from the production team who create the Channel 4 show ‘Extreme Cake Makers’ asking if we would consider our cake being featured.  After a moment of sheer terror from the thought of appearing on National TV, of course there was no answer other than ‘YES!’  When it emerged I would be filmed climbing a step ladder to cut the cake, I had visions of disaster, mainly involving me falling off the ladder onto the cake in front of over a million viewers.

When the cake was revealed at the party it was a real WOW moment.  Commissioning a cake, you generally expect something that is recognizably a cake.  But this was so much more.  It had imagination, skill and was the most incredible feat of engineering.  To create the finished flourish Christine and Phil had worked with local florists Emily and Lucy from 3 Acre Bloom to cover the cakes base with beautifully delicate meadow flowers.   This was a really special cake!

Cake creators Phil and Christine Jensen from Peboryon with the florists who designed the base Emily and Lucy from 3 Acre Bloom


The cake was a real talking point for our guests.  Some assumed the signpost was simply a lovely prop hired in for the event.  When I climbed the ladder (and didn’t fall off much to my relief!) and cut into the signpost revealing it was a cake, the reaction was fantastic.  Of course it goes without saying it tasted amazing too!!!


We were thrilled to host the party in one of Space & Rock’s wedding spaces, ‘The Contemporary Art Space’ in Penzance, Cornwall.  To bring it all together, we worked with Space & Rock Recommended Suppliers within the local area who really pulled out all the stops to make it an amazing night. Thank you to all who were involved:


3 Acre Bloom

Jenny Wren Wedding and Events

White Radish Wedding and Event Catering 

Kaj Music

The Contemporary Art Space

Olivia Bossert Photography


Here’s a few more images from this great night…


All images thanks to Olivia Bossert Photography 


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