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Show Stopper Bars on Wheels


You’ve found the perfect space for your dream wedding, now all you have to do is fill it with style and personality!

An often forgotten part of the reception space ‘look’ is the bar area.  Not every space will of course let you bring in your own bar, but what if you can?  Do you want one that sits quietly in the corner with some draft ales on tap and glasses stacked high.  Or do you want a bar so cool that everyone wants to grab a snap of it to post on their Instagram?  A bar that adds style, personality and fun to your day.  What’s more, a bar that can create amazing drinks your guests will rave about for years to come.


If a bar with style is your preference, why not consider one of our incredible Mobile Bar and Food Wagons under the Space & Rock Wedding Suppliers pages.

We just love this iconic 1964 American Airstream bar, nick named ‘The Old Girl’ from the team at The Buffalo. This glamorous travelling bar tours around the South West and beyond, wowing weddings and delighting festival-goers with cocktails, craft beers and a superb range of quality spirits.

The bar has been so popular that business owners Sam and Joanne have recently acquired a second vintage Airstream to renovate. The beginning of a whole herd of Buffalo?



Or how about another classic bar on wheels, but this time in the form of a super cute ice cream van.  Meet Cecil on Ice, serving everything from Frozen Coconut Daiquiris to the more traditional ales and freshly ground coffee.

Of course, being an ice cream van, they can also offer delicious Cornish Callestick Ice cream as well as Cecil’s very own vegan/dairy free range of ice cream.  But why not ask Cecil to create their signature ice cream cocktails (yep! cocktails made with actual ice cream!!!) for your guests.  A drink to remember!


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