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Bespoke ceremonies to suit your style

Did you know that you can have your wedding ceremony anywhere you choose?  On a secluded beach, a bluebell wood, even in an aircraft hangar!  Many of the Space & Rock spaces may not have a civil ceremony licence, but that shouldn’t stop you having the most wonderful wedding ceremony in front of those you hold dear.
How? As long as you have the property owners permission, celebrants can perform a ceremony that’s unique to you and your story as a couple, absolutely anywhere.  How perfect does that sound?!
We had a chat with former Registrars and now highly experienced Celebrants, Nicola and Denise from The Guild of Cornish Celebrants to explain more. So over to them.
So what exactly is a Celebrant?
We get asked a lot if they’re a freelance Registrar or Vicar?  Can they marry you legally? How does it work?  Can we marry outside, in our garden, home or beach? 
Celebrants provide a service which is completely personal to you, we meet with you to build up a relationship prior to the ceremony day, and then work together with you, carefully crafting the ceremony to include all your ideas – your ceremony is completely unique and will be totally meaningful for you.  
The only way to legally marry in England and Wales is to either marry within a Church or with the involvement with the Registration Service.  As Celebrants in England, we are unable to legally marry you, and would never claim to be able to do so.  In Scotland however, the rules differ and Celebrants can legally marry couples [more to follow on the Scottish rules in another dedicated blog post]. 
We would advise you to do your legal ceremony in a Register Office – a short statutory ceremony should cost around £46 + your notice of marriage fees.  This then leaves you free to enjoy a personal, bespoke ceremony designed and written especially for you.  Freed from the licensing restrictions you are no longer restricted to a licensed building or area, so yes, you can have your wedding outdoors, anywhere from a woodland glade to a secluded cove, a fabulous garden or at home, the choice is yours.
Tell us about the ceremony…
Most celebrants will only perform one ceremony per day – no looking at our watches wondering if we will be late for the next ceremony.  This enables us to be flexible – and wait for that cloud to pass by before the ceremony starts!  We are completely focussed on you and your ceremony.
There are no rules on what is or isn’t allowed – songs, hymns, classical music, funny or serious prose or poetry, the choice is entirely yours, we can often help with suggestions.  If you want to work with faith leaders to provide a religious blessing or if you want to add rituals or ceremonies from any tradition, we are happy to incorporate this within your ceremony.  Our ceremony scripts are always approved by you before the day. 

Is it Expensive?
Every Celebrant has a scale of charges – ask what is included and what is charged as extra.  We provide a package with no extra charges, we provide you with a commemorative certificate and a presentation copy of the script, a Register to sign if wished, and the use of our PA system for your ceremony.  You get a committed professional, passionate about what they have to offer, giving great personal service and committed to ensuring you have the wedding day you want, with the ceremony at its heart.
Thank you to Nicola and Denise for taking the time to chat about the incredible service celebrants provide couples.  The role of celebrants and the spaces that Space & Rock provide are a perfect match and we look forward to working with celebrants from all over the UK. 

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