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How To Throw Your Perfect Wedding Without The Stress!


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It finally happened! You’re engaged! So what’s the first thing you did when you started to think about the wedding? We’re guessing hopping on to Pinterest and searching for wedding ideas.  Maybe following a Instagram wedding hashtag? Buying that wedding mag you’ve always wanted the reason to buy!

Every couple has a very unique idea about what they aspire to for their wedding.  We all dream about the look, the vibe, the ethos. We secretly dream of creating a magazine worthy wedding.  But little do we realise how hard it is to pull it off without help! Anyone who’s ever helped with a friend or family member’s wedding will probably appreciate how stressed couples can become in the weeks and days leading up to a wedding.  Investing in professional help can make a huge difference, especially on the big day!

But don’t wedding planners cost a lot I hear you say?  And what do they actually do?  Well let us fill you in!


Professional planners are invaluable for DIY or blank canvas venues

You fall in love the perfect space for your wedding, but its a ‘dry hire’. It’s literally just a field with great views, a super cool empty warehouse or a big old barn. Where do you start? What do you need, where do you find it all, and how much will it cost? Planners, with their wealth of contacts and experience of these kinds of weddings, can quickly answer all these questions for you.  What’s more they can do all the leg work for you, ringing everyone from tent suppliers to the posh loo providers, finding out who’s available, leaving you free to simply choose who to use.  They can often negotiate a discounted price with your chosen suppliers too saving you money!


Planners help when you need it most!

You may have planned all the details but during the final countdown having some support to bring the final elements together may prove a welcome relief.   Sourcing those final details, discussing deliveries and timelines with suppliers, and making arrangements for guests such as accommodation or children’s entertainment, are all hugely time consuming, especially alongside a full time job.  Trying to juggle it all will increase stress levels, especially during the final three months. Working with a wedding planner/coordinator who offers a partial planning service will help you during this busy time and won’t cost you as much as a full wedding planning package.

Perhaps you’ve got the planning thing nailed but you’re worrying about the wedding day running smoothly.  You’re worried about having to delegate set up and on the day tasks to friends and family.  A wedding planner who can offer on-the-day coordination will remove that element of worry and stress.

Professional wedding planners have the knowledge to style and set up a wedding to the highest standard, they’re excellent at communicating with your venue, suppliers, guests and wedding party to ensure everything runs to time and plan, and if the worst happens and a problem arises, they have the skills to solve it with the least possible fuss.


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