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Working with a wedding coordinator

If you’re a space owner who’s interested in holding weddings but have not got a clue where to start, this interview is for you. 
The very lovely Jenny from Jenny Wren Weddings and Events had a chat with us to explain how as a  freelance wedding coordinator, she works with wedding venues to enable them to offer an amazing service to couples, without the venue owner having to get too involved!

So over to Jenny….
Hi Jenny, tell us a bit about yourself
Hello! I am Jenny, owner of Jenny Wren Wedding & Event Planning. I have been planning and creating beautiful bespoke weddings and events in Cornwall and Devon for 3 ½ years and I absolutely love it.

When a couple engages you as their wedding coordinator what kinds of spaces do they ask you to find?
I’ve worked at an array of venues and with many couples.  One thing I have noticed increasing over the years is the demand for spaces that are different and unique to hold a wedding. Bucking the trend of a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, many of my clients strive for a interesting, cool or quirky space which they can personalise and make their own.  
Which is why I love the idea of Space & Rock.

 How can you help Space owners, who may have never run an event, or perhaps would prefer a more ‘hands-off’ approach, handle weddings?

The thought of running weddings may fill some with dread, which is completely understandable. It’s a high-pressure event with many suppliers and emotions to manage!
This is where wedding coordinators like myself can help, offering a complete wedding planning and coordination service to space owners, to allow them to have that hands off approach.

Venues often find there’s a surplus of emails, phone calls and a lot of stakeholders to deal with.   At Jenny Wren’s, we are the one point of contact for everyone involved, handling all communication, from the couples, to suppliers, and family members, ensuring a much more streamline process and less admin hours for you.
We know weddings!  We have been planning them for years. Unlike our couples, who for many, it is the first event they have planned in their lives. Our experience ensures every detail is thought of, resulting in weddings that are planned to perfection and run seamlessly, reflecting well on the venue too.
Dealing with the unexpected on the day can add stress and reflect poorly on the venues if not managed appropriately. Running the day is included in our packages. Having a professional wedding coordinator to see in the suppliers, set up the ceremony & reception areas, coordinate the day’s timings & toastmaster, look after all guests and deal with any problems that arise, leaves you free to concentrate on representing the venue.

We work closely with venue owners, enhancing their wedding offering to couples and making their lives much easier.

As the chosen wedding coordinator for many wedding venues who have decided on this ‘hand’s off’ approach, can you give us a little insight into the services you offer the venue’s clients – the couple?
At Jenny Wren’s we offer a wide variety of benefits to both venue and the couple.  These can be broken down as:
Supplier Coordination
We recommend the very best suppliers to work with to our clients. This means there is a trusted team on the day that will fill you with confidence, be easy to work with and will leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons!
We communicate with all of the suppliers during the lead up to the day, to discuss any details, logistics and timings. On the day we are present to see in suppliers and assist with what they need, for example showing the cake maker where to set up, ensuring the band have sufficient power and the photographer gets fed!

Running Order
We create a detailed timeline of the day to include realistic timings for the following
·        Guests arrival
·        Ceremony
·        Drinks reception
·        Calling in guests for dinner
·        Speeches
·        Dinner served
·        Cake cutting
·        First dance
·        Band/DJ set times
·        Evening food
We coordinate timings on the day, working together with the caterers, musicians and any others involved. We take care of ensuring all goes to time, leaving couples free to get swept up in the day.
Set Up & Room turnarounds
Ironing the tablecloths, lighting the candles, hanging the lights, placing the name cards, table plans and favours…set up can be exhausting!
We take care of this whilst the couple can enjoy their own morning preparations, confident that all will look just as they envisage.
Guest Transportation
For those that want to provide transport for their guests, we can take care of the coordination for various pick up points. We can even have a staff member on the coach to tick people off as they get on board, ensuring no one is left behind.

Whether it be a religious, civil or a humanist ceremony a little pre planning will make sure it goes without a hitch.
·        Ensure reserved seating on the front rows is taken care of.
·        Meeting the registrars or celebrants, ensuring they have all they need.
·        Coordinating the processional line.
·        Manage the music, whether that’s pressing play on an ipod as or cueing the musician.
·        Ensuring any people doing readings have their reading and are clear on where they will be stood.
·        Organise when the confetti will be thrown and ensuring all guests have some.
Toast mastering
We will happily take care of all announcements to be made during the day if the couple do not have their own toastmaster.

 Guest Care
Our aim is to ensure guests have a wonderful time too, we take care of their needs and pay special attention to elderly guests, those with special needs and children.  Whether that’s getting nana a cup of tea and a comfy chair, escorting grandpa up the steps or discreetly taking a little one to the toilet during the ceremony.  

 Tidy Up
The stunning bridal suite can often looks like a bombs hit after the morning preparations. Champagne flutes, make up, clothes everywhere. If your venue has accommodation, we go back at some point during the day to tidy up and ensure its welcoming for when they return. 
Post Wedding Clear Up
Often clients will rent a venue for the whole weekend, so they can enjoy it for post wedding brunch the day after.  We will ensure everything is tidy and looking lovely again ready for this.
We  also pack away clients table décor, ensuring all is organised into boxes, making it easier for them the next day . If they have hired items to be collected from your venue we ensure all is collated and ready to be picked up.

Emergency Kit
We have a kit we bring with us to every wedding with over 50 items in it. From rescue remedy, blister pads and plasters to a sewing kit, spare weddings rings and drawing pins. Our kit has come to the rescue time and time again.
Finally, no matter how perfectly planned, there are often little things that come up on the day that can not be foreseen. We deal with these in a professional and discreet manor.
Thank you so much to the lovely Jenny from Jenny Wren Weddings and Events for taking the time to provide this fantastic insight in to the coordination of weddings. 
What a fantastic option for space owners who’d prefer not to get too involved in the weddings they host, to be able to offer a highly professional coordinator who will not only ensure the couples day goes more smoothly, but will also represent your space in the best possible way.

To find out more about Jenny Wren’s, here’s the details you need:
Website: Jenny Wren Weddings and Events
Email: [email protected]
Tel. +44(0)1209 311083
Office Address: Pool Innovation Centre, Trevenson Road,
Pool, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3PL

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