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A Guide To Choosing An Elopement Wedding

At Space & Rock we LOVE an elopement wedding.  These, small, intimate weddings, see couples truly being themselves and having a day that celebrates their relationship without the expense of a huge wedding.

As more couples seek ways to leave the stress of a large wedding out of the equation, elopements have become a popular choice.  But what should you look for when planning an elopement wedding?

First and foremost is the venue.  Because it’s just you (and possibly a small party of your nearest and dearest) don’t let geography rule your decision.  If you’ve always dreamed of a beach wedding, why not hop in the car and head to the wild coasts of Cornwall? Or perhaps the snow and peaks are more your thing.  Scotland’s incredible highland landscape is a wonderful place to get hitched before snuggling up in front of an open fire with a local whiskey in hand.  Whether you choose to rent a country residence for the weekend or a quirky space for the day, find somewhere that suits you and the vibe you want to create.

You needn’t get hung up on a potential venue having a wedding licence either, as celebrants can create bespoke ceremonies that can take place anywhere. If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding on a beach or deep within a forest, celebrants can make this possible.  What’s more, in Scotland, celebrants can also perform legal marriage ceremonies anywhere. [For more on working with a celebrant to tailor a ceremony for you, read more HERE]

Just because you’re having an elopement wedding, doesn’t mean you have to forget about all the lovely details.  If you want to have beautiful flowers, the best cake you’ve ever eaten, or an incredible wedding photographer, then spoil yourselves and go for it! Because it’s a small wedding, you can choose what you spend your money on.  Some wedding suppliers even specilise in elopements and small weddings.

Photographer Joanne Clement from Enchanted Brides says that she’s chosen to focus on elopements because it gives her the chance to build a friendship with a couple, creating an environment where they really relax. A relaxed couple who aren’t worrying about having to entertain hundreds of guests means Jo can capture heartfelt and beautiful moments that tell the story of the day.

The best advice we can offer with all your decisions is to be true to who you are. A small wedding means you have the luxury of being able to truly please yourselves and forget what everyone else may think.  So whatever you love as individuals and as a couple, make sure it’s included in your day.

If you’re considering a small or elopement wedding, we’ve got some incredible options for you.  Simply search our Spaces, but don’t forget to select the ‘Elopement’ filter.
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