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Foodie Trends You’ll Love and How to Achieve Them

Over the last few years, wedding food has become SO much more exciting. Never before has food contributed to the vibe of a wedding as much as it does today.  There’s more thought going into foodie decisions, and current trends are a big part of that.

So what are the biggest trends set for 2018?  Well, think informal and individual food. Food that tells a story.  An emphasis on seasonal, local and ethical food.

Want to follow this trend with your wedding breakfast?  Read on for our top tips.

It’s all about you

It’s your big day, no-one else’s. What would you really like to see on your plate?  What food feels true to you as a couple?  Tell your love story through your food.  For example, if you have a shared love of Asian travel, go for a menu full of these flavours. What do you most like cooking together, or what’s the style of your favourite restaurant?  Don’t be afraid of a touch of humour: if you met in the pub, serve a main course of fish and chips!

Food that’s about fun

A wedding breakfast doesn’t have to be formal dining unless you want it to be.  If you want something much more relaxed, choose a caterer who is flexible or specialises in more informal dining.  One of our fab catering suppliers, Kerra’s Catering based in Cornwall, offers a wonderful range of eating options including barbecues, giant paellas, hog-roasts and picnics, great ideas for a lively summer wedding. Kerra and her team design bespoke wedding catering so whether you want formal or informal, they work around you and your style of day.

Food to share with friends

Food today is lively and sociable, and your friends and family may prefer tucking into tapas together than sitting down for a three-course meal. It’s a great way to keep your wedding breakfast fun and interactive; and if you’re bringing lots of new people together, sharing food is a great icebreaker. Celebrate different cultures’ cuisines with a mezze, thali or dim sum style menu. Again, what speaks to you as a couple?


Keep It Local

We’re all more aware of food miles and local produce these days. Support and celebrate your fishers and farmers with a locally sourced menu.

Choose a caterer who loves local produce and who’s also local to your venue as they’ll have great local knowledge and resources.  Our catering friends at White Radish Events in West Cornwall are a great example.  Based on their own farm, they self-produce much of the food they go on to supply. Anything that can’t be raised on the farm is located only a stones throw away.

Keep it seasonal

Of course, local and seasonal ingredients are closely linked. Spending time with your caterer will help you understand what’s in season, and how this can be used to create a memorable menu. From summer fish barbecues to warming winter stews, using seasonal ingredients simply adds to the personality and theme of your wedding.


In a nutshell, for your 2018 wedding menu, remember to bring your story to the food and consider the provenance of your food choices. The key to achieving this – choose a caterer local to your venue and spend time with them so they can really get to know you both.  That way your wedding meal will be one that truly reflects you as a couple.

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