Can I find suppliers via Space & Rock?

We have some amazing suppliers on offer to cover your every need.  Visit our Supplier pages to discover more.

Will I be charged a commission fee when booking?

Absolutely not.  We ensure that the price you pay is the very best deal on offer.  Our spaces agree to pay a small commission fee when the receive a booking via Space & Rock, but they are not permitted to add this fee on to the hire price.

What makes the spaces listed with S&R so different from other directories?

Our spaces are rich in individuality, each with a unique story and nature that will make you fall in love with them.  No matter what your passion or style, we guarantee you’ll find spaces that will inspire you to create your perfect wedding celebration.  

With so many of our spaces only hosting a couple of weddings every year, you can expect a more personal touch.  You won’t feel pushed out of the venue the day after your wedding so the next couple can come in!

Because many of our spaces don’t have civil wedding licenses, you have the flexibility for your ceremony to take place where ever you choose, whether that be on a secluded beach, in a bluebell wood, or even in an aircraft hangar!  Celebrants can perform a ceremony that’s unique to you and your story as a couple absolutely anywhere!  How perfect does that sound?!*

*Note that the civil licensing laws in Scotland differ from England and Wales.