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Considering hiring a Tipi? Here’s what You Need To Know

What’s not to love about a tipi wedding.  They’re visually impressive, wildly romantic and brilliantly versatile. But before you start planning open fires and festoon lit walkways, is your dream wedding space suitable for a tipi wedding?

We asked our friends Sam and Tim from Wild Tipi Cornwall to share what we need to consider.

What kind of site is suitable for a tipi?

At Wild Tipi, our Tipis must be sited on relatively flat ground, with no underground services, overhead branches or cables.  Unfortunately, the Tipis cannot be erected on concrete when we use pins however we can use a weighted system for hard standing if required.  We will always come and check any potential sites for suitability prior to confirming a booking.

The minimum size of pitch needed for one Tipi is 10.5m x 10.5m.

How much access do you need to get a tipi to a location?  How close do you need to be able to drive? 

Tipi companies will want to be able to get their vehicle and a very long trailer as close as possible to the site.  Tipi poles are long so all companies have long trailers (ours is 19 foot).

Ideally, we personally would like to be able to park within 50m of where the Tipi is to be erected, however, dependent on your requirements we can be flexible.

How long will it take to put my tipi up and take down?

As a rough guide, for the average 2 Tipi wedding set up it takes approximately 2-3 days – this includes dressing the inside of the Tipi and laying out furniture, however, this is dependent on your requirements.

Take down takes approximately 1 day again dependent on your set up.

How long can I hire a tipi for as standard?

3 days is the standard duration of hire where you are free to enjoy these magical spaces, but where possible please bear in mind that time needs to be allocated for the set up and take down at your choice of location.  Tipi tents will therefore usually be on a site for up to a week.

How many people can a tipi take seated?

1 Tipi can comfortably seat 70 guests in various configurations.

Will I need a separate catering tent?  Can you provide this?

You will need a separate catering tent, which we can provide in addition to the Tipi.

What about flooring and uneven sites?  Can you use false floors like in a marquee?

At Wild Tipi, our Tipis come as standard with coir matting suitable for uneven sites, however, we can provide false floors if an alternative is needed.  We can advise you when we do the preliminary site visit on what would be most suitable.

Is the fire safe? Who lights it and provides the wood?

Yes they are and it’s usual for the tent company to provide the wood.  At Wild Tipi, we only use kiln dried ash which has less than 5% moisture content to ensure there is no spitting from the fires and limited smoke emissions.  Any smoke that is emitted will go up and out through the cap at the top of the Tipi which is raised when the fire is lit.   Needless to say all fires are provided with a fire extinguisher.

You light the fire as and when you feel the time is right.

What if the weather takes a turn for the worse and the sides are open?  Will someone come and shut it down for us or do you show us how?

Once the Tipis are set up it’s usual for there to be a full handover with you where you are shown you exactly how to open and close the sides so you can be prepared for any weather.  We personally monitor the weather carefully on the run up to your big day and work with our couples to ensure the Tipi’s are set up either open or closed dependent on the weather.  However, if you prefer, we also offer a call out option where we can be on standby to take care of this for you, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

What extras will I need to hire in if I hire a tipi?  Toilets, generators, bars, water, furniture, stage, dance floor?  Or do you organise all this for me?

The extras are totally up to you.  At Wild Tipi, whatever your needs are we can offer all of the above services in addition to your Tipis, we like to work with our couples to take as much pressure off as possible, bespoke packages are available and we can provide as little or as much as you need to make your day perfect.


Thank you to Sam and Tim at Wild Tipi Cornwall for their tips and advice.  To discover more about Wild Tipi Cornwall, visit their Space & Rock listing.



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