Choosing the wedding photographer that’s right for you

Finding the right wedding photographer is so important. You’re inviting this person to be a part of the most amazing moment of your lives, and it’s essential that you click with them.

When you’re researching photographers, there are a lot of things you’ll need to ask. Costs, availability, insurance, do they use film or digital, and so on. However, the first question you need to ask – and this is to yourself, not the photographer – is what style of photography is right for you?

Photographers are artists, and so all have distinctive portfolios and personalities. What approach will capture the heart and soul of your wedding? Here’s just two examples of styles to consider.


Back to nature

If your perfect outcome is magical pieces of art, look for a photographer that works with the natural surroundings.  Your wedding may be in a beautiful place; and it just makes sense that you want the Cornish coast or your highland glen to star alongside you (plus you’ve paid for the stunning location, so make the most of it!).

Browse the portfolio. How do they position the people in the landscape? How do they deal with un-idyllic drizzle or mist? Do they find the right balance (you don’t want to be upstaged by a tree, however much you love nature…)?

To get a feel for what to expect from a photographer who’ll take a natural, elemental approach to your wedding photos, check out Joanne Clement from Enchanted Brides.  Jo’s specialty is capturing a love story that’s part of the landscape.  As with many photographers, Jo offers an engagement photo session, which gives her and the couple chance to connect and helps them relax in front of the lens.

It’s all in the detail...

It’s the details of the reportage approach that can make wedding albums so appealing.  The bride in wellies. The sleepy dog crashed out at the reception. Kids blowing bubbles. And laughter – there’s always lots of laughter in these photos.

Before going for a reportage approach, discuss clear boundaries and a brief with your photographer. You want to end up with an album that tells the story of your day, not visual anecdotes of your drunken mates

Photographer Ashley Hampson is a superb example of how well reportage photography can work. Ashley’s albums are tales of love and friendship, life and celebration, with the bride and groom at the centre of it all.  It’s impossible to browse through photos like Ashley’s without smiling.


The above shows just how different wedding photographers can be. All can create exceptional results, but the key is to find a style that captures the essence of who you are as a couple as well as the vibe of your day.  Ask yourself this, what kind of wedding photographs would you proudly display on your wall?

To discover more about the photographers mentioned here as well as all our recommended suppliers, visit the directory.

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