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Choosing your perfect florist

When you first get engaged you may think that your choice of florist will be a decision based on budget.  Of course, that’s always going to be a huge factor, but there are some other considerations you need to make.

First you’ll need to consider your ethics.

Are you desperate to have exotic flowers from South Africa or the Caribbean?  Do you want peonies despite them being out of season in the UK? If so you’re probably not going to mind that your flowers are imported for your wedding.  If however you like the idea of in season flowers, which can be more budget friendly, you might consider a florist who uses a UK grower.  If you really want to keep your carbon footprint super small, some florists actually grow their own flowers and offer both a pick your own and a full floristy service.

The second factor to consider is what style of flowers you want.

Factors like your venue, the style of clothing you’ll wear, and the theme of the day may well dictate the sort of arrangements that will work best.  Search for a florist who has a great track record of creating these kinds of designs.  It’s worth remembering that great florists are capable of adapting to your requirements, but picking a florist who has has a real passion for the particular style of floristry that you’re after will really show.

We love these beautiful pale pink bouquets from award winning florist Wedding Flowers In Cornwall.  Perfect roses and minimal foliage have been used to create a polished look.  Perfect for a hotel or country house wedding.


For a more relaxed vibe, try a botanical or organic style like these from the brilliant Twigs & Greens. Looser styles tend to focus more on foliage with flowers adding accents of colour, and work perfectly in a rustic or tent setting.

For more inspiration and to discover more about the florists mentioned here, why not take a look through our fantastic recommend florists on the Find a Supplier pages.


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