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Beautifully Green: Low Impact Spaces For Your Wedding

Hands up who recycles, uses refillable water bottles and cares about where your food comes from?  Pretty much everyone right?! We’re all starting to really care about sustainability, waste reduction and our carbon footprint.  It therefore makes sense that when planning a wedding, we want our choices to be responsible ones.

Choosing your perfect venue usually involves asking yourselves a number of questions – does it fit the style of day that you want to create, is it practical, within budget etc. But what are venues doing to improve their environmental impact? And how can we find those with the all important green credentials?

Hosting weddings and events can be hard going on the local landscape. They can create a lot of waste, have high energy consumption and substantial water usage.  Our tip is to search for venues that give these issues serious consideration and strive to improve their impact.

To give you some inspiration, we asked our spaces what they are doing to get green.  The response was so inspiring with many of our spaces striving to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ve found that it’s not something they shout about but quietly (and passionately) embrace.

Using green energy and aiming for self sufficiency are popular choices.  Our ‘Romantic Coastal Country House’ tell us they have recently invested in a biomass boiler meaning all their heating and hot water comes from renewable energy.  In the Scottish Highlands, Charlotte and Jamie, who own our ‘Remote, quirky, and intimate church‘ space, coppice their own woodland each year as fuel for the spaces cosy wood burning stoves. Water consumption is non-existent as the water supply comes fresh from the mountain.  Our ‘Funkiest Campsite and Secret Venue‘ is also going down the self sufficiency route with composting toilets, natural swimming pond, and solar powered lighting across site.

Our ‘Historic Fort‘ space is located in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so the team decided to work closely with a local environmental agency who guided them on how to be as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce their impact on their location.  They have an extensive green policy which includes the use of local suppliers for everything including the artwork on the walls, stocking only recyclable products, using a green energy supplier, and planting their gardens with bee friendly, drought resistant plants that require little water.

The conversion of large industrial buildings into event spaces is creating regeneration in urban areas.  Due to their scale, their carbon footprint could be high. However, we’re finding the owners of these spaces are passionate about ensuring this doesn’t happen.  A great example is our ‘Large Industrial Event Space’ in Leeds which produces its own beer for its events on site meaning it has zero food miles. But they don’t stop there. They ask all of our suppliers and caterers to avoid using plastic, instead asking for recyclable or biodegradable products to be used. They have ditched the plastic straw in their bar offering paper straws in their place! Finally in their outdoor areas, they have created a garden packed with edible plants including hops, rhubarb & apples to encourage and house local wildlife in this city centre location.

As for us at Space & Rock, sustainability is at the heart of what we do.  We support those businesses and property owners who have diversified into weddings in order to sustain their business or building. We also take our own carbon footprint seriously, investing in forestry to offset our internet servers and working electronically as much as possible to reduce paper waste.

So if you’re searching for your perfect wedding venue which ticks the green box, check out our spaces and get chatting with our fantastic hosts.  Don’t be afraid to ask what they’re doing to reduce the impact weddings have.  They’ll happily tell you.

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