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5 Reasons Why Videography Is Essential For Your Elopement

Words by Amber Leach – Liberty Pearl Photography and Film Collective

I absolutely LOVE elopements; they are so relaxed, simple and authentic.  Eloping gives couples the freedom to get away from the traditional ‘cookie cutter’ type weddings.  To travel to unchartered destinations and make your vows in an intimate setting.

As a wedding videographer, I love to incorporate the beauty of the natural world and the wilderness into the films I create for my couples. I’ve been lucky enough to capture elopements that have included rock climbing, a mini festival, venturing into beautiful woodland, dancing in fields, paddling in the sea, and exploring ancient ruins. Being surrounded by natural landscapes and seascapes is always a breathtaking experience and something the couples I work with love to relive through their wedding film.

Videography is the perfect choice for an elopement wedding.  Here’s my Top 5 reasons why!

  1. Friends and Family – To share your day with friends and family who are not there celebrating with you. Elopements are usually no more than 20 people and sometimes just the two of you! Which means you have little or no wedding guests, therefore a beautiful film documenting the moment you ran away together and eloped is the perfect way for your friends and family to share the day with you.
  2. Surrounded by nature – Photos are beautiful but they don’t capture the incredible environment around you in the same way, you miss out on the sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling as you walk through a forest, you would miss your dress blowing wildly in the wind, the bumblebees buzzing around the flowers in your bouquet, the sun glistening on the ocean at sunset, the waves crashing against a coastline, the sand moving between your toes.
  3. Capturing your personality – Images can’t always capture the mood, your personality and your raw emotion of the day in the same way.  You could miss the stillness and quiet time whilst getting ready, your hands shaking as you put the ring on your husbands finger, the gasp as he sees you coming down the isle for the first time, and the ‘whoop’ after you first kiss when you realise you are actually MARRIED.  After the ceremony, film can capture your shyness as you start your bride and groom photo session, your embarrassed laugh when he whispers something in your ear, your hands squeezing together when you help each other walk down a steep mountain, your dress twirling as you dance on a clifftop, the energy as you chase after each other in the beautiful sunset.
  4. Your memories – the day flashes by so quickly, it becomes a blur. By having a video you will be able to watch the day over and over again for years to come and you will relive each moment, each emotion, each tender touch and kiss once again.
  5. Another dimension – One of the biggest regrets I hear from couples is that they didn’t hire a wedding videographer, they felt there was ‘something missing’ from their wedding day. Photos can be incredible but videography just adds another dimension to the day.  It tells another side of the story.

To give you a little inspiration on what your elopement wedding film might look like, take a look at Emily and Thomas’ beautiful, intimate wedding at River Cottage.


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Thank you to Amber Leach at Liberty Pearl Photography and Film Collective for giving us an insight on why videography is perfect for elopement and intimate weddings.

Liberty Pearl Photography and Film Collective is a team of six; Amber and five exceptionally talented professional female photographers and videographers, all trained by Amber to capture weddings with the same natural, relaxed, reportage style. All editing and album design is completed centrally by the team at Liberty Pearl HQ.  Liberty Pearl Photo and Film Collective have photographed many beautiful elopements in Devon & Cornwall over the past five years. Each and every one of them has been so special and unique for each of the couples they have been lucky enough to capture.  To discover more about Liberty Pearl view their S&R page.

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